Celebrities & Their Pets

image with several Australian Labradoodle puppies

Pets are our animals we all love to spend time with. Even Hollywood loves them. Let’s have a look at five holly wood celebrities and their pets below.

Justine Bieber

Over years, Justine Bieber has been playing pet dad to three dogs at least, a cat, and even to a monkey which he discarded just like a worn-out utensil.

In 2015, Bieber picked up a puppy, which he did not take very good care of because he was an absentee parent to the pet. One could obviously fear for the little Yorkshire terrier’s good health.

Another, of Justin’s pet, was Sammy the Papillion who was Justin’s first rescue. This beautiful and cuddly creature spent most of its time with the grandparents of Justin when he went away on a tour. Sammy was Justin’s great comfort especially when his hair-swoop did not sit upright.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a well-known love for her many pets. She figured out a way to keep them closer (on her clothing)to her all the times as she travels around the globe since she cannot physically bring them along with her. Miley even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon while dressed in a furry jacket, an airbrushed shirt with a cat’s figure and some velvet pants. It was not just any cat chosen at random, it was Miley’s cat’s face – Shanti.

She even say’s she misses her pets so much when she travels and that she is used to getting them airbrushed and screen-printed on all her shirts so as to keep them with her.

Katy Perry

She has got a lot of routines centered around dancing cats on her Prismatic World Tour. Even as such, there is still another four-limbed creature which is her dog named Butters. It is at the centre of the musician’s heart. Perry takes Butters everywhere. Perry even says, she is an amazing tour dog and that she has a very good relationship with the music band, who love to walk with her especially when she get,s tired on the way.

Christopher Walken

American actor Christopher Walken likes to act together with acting cats. One of these, a big feline cat named Sheba had the honor to act with him. Christofer Walken was just sixteen years old when he got chosen to be a young lion trainer for a circus in upstate Ney York. It was a one-ring circus. Christopher says, “Sheba, the lioness was very sweet since she could walk around and bump on one’s leg just like a pretty old cat”. And he even admits that he spent his summer training her for about four months every day and that the ring master had other cats he used in acting but they will all be sent out and when Christopher came in and waved his whip Sheba will sit upon her back with legs rolled over. Even when he is not in the ring with her he hangs out and pets her.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has got some famous friends, but guess what, her favorite friends are her dogs namely Willie, Wallace, Fina and Chip. She loves to call them her rescue dogs.

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