There Are No Reservations Available in This Litter 

Reservation List
  1. Nora V – Flower Mound TX
  2. Daniela H – Santa Catarina – Mexico
  3. Kelly B – Woodway TX
  4. Heri M – Cedar Park TX
  5. Teresa L – Leander TX
  6. Reif C – Fort Worth TX
  7. Trent N. Friendswood TX
  8. Shashidhar P. – Austin TX
  9. Shalini S. – Pelham NY
  10. Reserved. – Waco TX
  11. Laura B. –  Phoenix AZ

Let us introduce you to our ‘’RainPuddle’s Clara Bear’’
Clara was born right here in Texas on on our farm and was one of the first original puppies born to our first labradoodle mom Cherry Paloma..
Clara is a elegant and charming apricot Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle.
She has always had a special place in our hearts as a family and all our kids have grown around her and loved and had many memories.
Clara has produced some of our best tested temperament puppies that have served families for companions, service dogs, therapy dogs for little ones and adults.. Claras puppies are in many family homes across the state of Texas, California and Mexico bringing joy and companionship to many families.

There Are No Reservations Available in This Litter 

Reservation List
  1.  Christina C.- Katy Tx
  2.  Sorin P. – Wichita Falls
  3.  Billy W. – San Ramon CA
  4.   Lauren Y.  – Dallas Tx
  5.  Francisco C. – San Antonio tx
  6.  Jennifer M.  – Woodland Tx
  7.  Christopher K. – Celina Tx
  8.  Abigail C. –  South lake
  9.  Reserved

Champ and Lexi’s litter will most likely have a rainbow of colors, blacks, caramels, chocolates and apricots. Their litters always hold us in suspense of the colors and coat types they will produce. we can get wavy fleecy and some curly fleece coat types. size ranges 40-45 lbs. We have many service and therapy dogs working in the field from these dogs previous litters. There’s a seizure alert dog,  an Autistic service dog for a child and several therapy dogs working in nursing homes to bring happiness and comfort. These puppies are highly intuitive and ready to please but come with the package deal of years of companionship. 

There Are No Reservations Available in This Litter 

Reservation List
  1.  Yolanda G.  – Duncanville Tx
  2.  Brandon D.  – Dallas Tx
  3.  Brooke L. – Wylie Tx
  4.  Meira R. – Plano Tx
  5. Puppy – Reserved
  6. Josiah A. – Austin Tx 
  7. Mohammadreza A. – Austin Tx 
  8. Betyna A. – San Antonio Tx
  9. Judith M. – Katy Tx
  10. LaPorsha A. – Frisco Tx

Summer of 2020 has brought us a beautiful litter from Bubbles & Champ Remington. Bubbles rightfully named brings joy to us every time we look at her littles ones. There is such a variety that perfectly matches Bubbles and her bubbly character. She is a medium size (cream color) Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle with A touch of apricots highlights. On her nose and ears. Bubbles is a 1st time Mom and has proven to have incredible instinct to care for her little ones. Champ Remington was born in our home and has been part of our growing program since day one. He was part of the very first litter we had and can’t imagine life with out him. He loves attention and to give attention to us at anytime of the day or nite. His drive to play, fetch and be with us wherever we are shows his loyalty to us. His size, bone structure, temperament and golden wavy coat is what has made him a sire favorite for the last few years

There Are No Reservations Available in This Litter 

Reservation List
  1.  Amy T.
  2. Catalina S.
  3. Daniela S.
  4. Estefania C.
  5. Marissa C.
  6. Bernado B.
  7. Roby C.
  8. Sumithra B. 
  9. Fernando N.
  10. Vivek V.

Spotlight On Redd and Autumn’s  litter is an amazing assortment of reds and apricot colors along with wavy fleece coat type . These babies will have exceptional temperaments and personalities as proven by previous puppies and their new owners. They will make lovely  service/therapy and companion dogs. Fantastic with kids and super loving for the elderly. Either way they will not disappoint and will give years of love to their new companion.

To secure a reservation opening for our litter, a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required before any reservation can be made.

Please read & fill out the puppy application form before making deposit.