Do You Know Australian Labradoodles Are A Great Therapy Dogs?

Australian Labradoodle dog

What are therapy dogs and why do we need one? A therapy dog is well trained to help people who are suffering from stress or depression, or some other reason. Study shows the bonding with dogs leads to an increase in the oxyntic levels of humans, one which is responsible for love, hence making a person happier and better than before.

But what qualities are exhibited by a good therapy dog? A good therapy dog has a good temperament and an ability to make people smile and easily be able to bond with people, spreading happiness throughout.

How do Australian labradoodles make good therapy dogs? Firstly Australian Labradoodles are highly intelligent and extremely friendly dogs. This breed which was created by Wally Cornon in Australia in the 1980s is a mix between the Labrador retriever and Standard Poodle, that is why they are called the “Australian Labradoodles”. Their high intelligence is one of the reasons of them being a great therapy dog as it is extremely easy to train them even in a short duration.

Being far away from the original Labradoodles, in terms of evolution, the Australian Labradoodles possess a distinct feature of being hypoallergenic dogs as they don’t shed their hair as much as other dogs do and this makes them perfect for people with dog allergies.

Australian Labradoodles can easily Bond with long term and short term owners and even with individuals and families, especially with kids. Being always high in energy and joyous, they love challenges and games like they love doing exercises.

They have the ability to bring a smile on anyone’s face due of their friendly and funny temperament and good sense of humour. They have an intuitive ability of knowing what one needs, something which is special to the Australian Labradoodles and is believed to be inherited to them.

These dogs high energy, which makes them athletic and joyous in nature, is one of the reasons the Australian Labradoodle loves to move from one place to another roaming about the whole house.

They are extremely ok even for patients and old people because even after being highly energetic, they have balanced energy and are well mannered and soft tempered. One of the reasons for this is their high patience levels and their friendly and loving nature.

All these characteristics, their intelligence level, friendly and loving nature, temperament, allergy friendly coat, balanced energy and manners make the Australian Labradoodles great therapy dogs.

So if you have been thinking to adopt a therapy dog then Australian Labradoodles would be the perfect choice and you can choose among Australian Labradoodles that have either fleece or wool or hair as their outer coat.