How To Take Care Of Multi Generation Labradoodle Puppy

Australian Labradoodle puppy

If you have a puppy which is labradoodle and you don’t know how to take care of it? Let me help you in this respect. labradoodle puppy needs more care and you have to be careful while handling that animal. There are few things that you must know when you are buying a Multi Generation Labradoodle puppy so that your puppy remains healthy and well trained. It is common that your puppy’s tummy may get upset, and for that you need to make a health plan. Along with the health care, you need to take care of your beautiful puppy’s safety because as they are like kids who may do some naughty things and that may cause any harm to their body or even results into a minor injury.

Health and safety of Labradoodle

Your newly born multi generation labradoodle puppy needs more care and health precautions. So when it is born, there are two sets of vaccines that you must have for your multi generation labradoodle puppy by the recommendation of a veterinarian. These vaccines are actually for the protection of the puppy from different kinds of illness. When you have given it vaccines, don’t think that it is entirely secure because there are many more other things that you need to take under the consideration.  After two vaccines, it is not that much secure, you have to give it the third vaccine after which you can relax as there will be minimum chances of your puppy’s illness. After third vaccine, it is at least that much secure that you can take it out for a walk in the garden.

Take care of your puppy’s tummy

When your newly born multi generation labradoodle puppy will come to your home, he will demand for meal again and again. He will beg for more food but you cannot give him more than its need. It can make tummy get upset. If it happens you may give him a tin of fresh pumpkin with a little kibble, it will help your puppy recover from the diarrhea soon. Sometimes, he might have blood along with stool, do not get upset it is just because of the irritation of diarrhea.

Keep your puppy clean

Cleanliness matters a lot. It helps a lot to keep your multi generation labradoodle puppy healthy. What you have to do is to give your puppy a bath at least after every week with shampoo and keep all the things clean including the bowl in which he drinks water. Give the Puppy Greek yogurt or cottage cheese which is good for health. Cut his nails otherwise it may harm itself or scratch itself with pointed nails. Make habit of your dog to have bath. In the start, he might get irritated but if you will train he will get used to it.

Your Labradoodle needs training. What you have to do is train your puppy. In this way he will look more decent in front of other people. If you cannot train your puppy then you can take help from a dog trainer. The dog trainer will train your multi generation labradoodle puppy and it will not let you down in front of any guest.