How To Train Your Puppy In A Friendly Manner

Child holding

Almost everyone is friendly to a dog nowdays. However, not every dog is full of manners and trained. They at times don’t behave the way you want them to behave. These steps will help you to train your puppy in a friendly manner.

The Puppy Name

First of all, make the puppy understand to address his name. The name is important because you can give commands using the name. Choose a clear sounding name for the puppy. Always call your puppy with the name and the pet will get habitual to it slowly.


There is no specific way to teach your puppy the science of cleanliness. Firstly, you should choose a suitable place outside your house area or in your garden where your puppy can relieve itself regularly. This place should be relatively quiet and friendly to your puppy, without too many distractions. Get your puppy used to with that area by taking the puppy there yourself until he gets habitual, but don’t make it a play area. When your puppy has now relieved itself, move away from the area. Allow the puppy to get fresh without disturbing it or mocking again and again. If you do, your puppy will get habitual to do the daily routine task in your presence only and it will be difficult for the puppy to do anything in your absence.

  • Take your puppy to its chosen toilet area as soon as it has eaten, let it play vigorously for a while or has just woken up.
  • If you discover that your puppy has done it indoors, just clean it up thoroughly, removing all odor and filth. Do not scold the puppy at all and make it understand to go out by taking it yourself.

Environmental Habituation

Since our daily world contains many different stimuli and activities, you should make your puppy to as many things as possible, such as sounds, other animals, objectsAllow the puppy to discover the world in its way. Do not control your puppy. You should coach it with love, not control. Your puppy should have any bad experience to the outer world. Animals are nature lover. Do not tie the puppy always at your home. Let it play and run in the garden or lawns.

Feeding time

Mealtime is a very special time for the puppies and they expect you to feed them with love. Give him food in his plate only and make it a habit. Buy some regular plates so that the puppy can identify his plate. After the puppy eats them, have your children add a few more pieces until all of the food is gone. This lesson will teach the puppy that a family member’s hand reaching towards the plate means the member is giving him something to eat and not taking anything away and hence there is no danger of getting bitten. This exercise will help desensitize your puppy to children around his food bowl while he is eating. It will make the children friendly with the puppy.

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