Understanding the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle

Many people think a Labradoodle is simply a cross breed of a Labrador and a Poodle however it’s not exactly that simple. There are several types of Labradoodle and each with special traits which are important to understand.


F1 Labradoodle

Taking a Labrador and breeding it with a Poodle are normally referred to as F1 or first-generation Labradoodles. Taking that F1 Labradoodle and breeding it with another F1 or higher Labradoodle will result in F2 Labradoodles. If you again take an F2 Labradoodle and breed it with another F2 or higher Labradoodle or higher, the resulting litter will be considered F3. This same breeding outline continues with F4, F5 and so on. Taking the lowest generation parent and mixing it with one of equal or higher generation will determine the puppy’s generation.


Australian Labradoodle

An Australian Labradoodle is different from the Labradoodle in that they have 6 distinct parent breeds in them which are:

1: Labrador

2: Poodle

3: English Cocker spaniel

4: Australian Cocker spaniel

5: Curly Coat Retriever

6: Irish Water Spaniel


Like Labradoodles, we can categorize the Australian Labradoodle much in the same way in respect to their generation except instead of using the F1, F2, F3 and so on, we use ALF1, ALF2, ALF3, etc…. The ALF stands for Australian Labradoodle Foundation. Unless we are talking with regard to early generation Australian Labradoodle ALF1, ALF2, ALF3, etc, most of today’s Australian Labradoodles are considered high generation breed or multi-generation Australian Labradoodle since their breeding has been bred over 35 years or more.


Coat – Labradoodle vs Australian Labradoodle

Early generation Labradoodles tend to have a more Labrador type coat since they are so near to its original Labrador parent and they tend to shed like one which leads to problems for allergy sufferers

Because multi-generation Australian Labradoodles are many more generations away from their original Labrador parent, their coats are far more developed away from their original shedding Labrador parent and DO NOT SHED which makes them an ideal companion for allergy and asthma sufferers.


Temperament Labradoodle vs Australian Labradoodle

Early Generation Labradoodles will tend toward the more lively and hyperactive side especially when compared to the calmer, better balanced Australian Labradoodle who are very intelligent, easily trained and are excellent companions to families with young children. Make no mistake, the Australian Labradoodle is still filled with fun times when playing outdoors and packs a wonderful personality that is sure to bring out the smiles and laughter for everyone in the family.


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