Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Adoption

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About Labradoodles!

Australian Labradoodles are a great breed that has a wonderful temperament and an innate ability to make people smile.  Australian Labradoodles are found to easily bond with people both old and young and though a smaller dog breed, it won’t stop them from spreading happiness throughout your life.

Our Australian Labradoodles are cared for, vaccinated and come partially trained by our family who has many years’ experience with this breed of furry joy. They come trained to home to a puppy crate for safety and rest to help reduce the stress of cases were an adoption requires the puppy be shipped throughout the country or world-wide.

Why A Australian Labradoodle?

Australian Labradoodles Make Great Companions!

Great Personality

Australian Labradoodles love people and play time. They have a great temperament and use it to lighten up the faces of everyone around them.

Small Breed

Australian Labradoodles are a smaller dog breed making them ideal for any size home and easy to take care of.

Kid Friendly

Australian Labradoodles love children and spending time playing with them in the home and outdoors.

Light brown Australian Labradoodle puppy

Crate Safe

Australian Labradoodles enjoy having their own personal space to sleep and just relax such as a crate. This makes leaving them home while shopping or attending events a breeze.

Therapy Dogs

Australian Labradoodles high intelligence is one of the reasons that make them a great therapy dog and can be trained easily within a short period of time.

Baby Safe

Australian Labradoodles are safe around smaller children and have an extremely docile temperament.


While your puppy has been with us, he or she has had the following love & care.

Lot's of Love

We take care of the puppies as if they are going to be our own! Although they are for adoption, we view them as extended family and love to hear updates from adoptive parents!


Your puppy comes with up to date vaccinations by a certified, professional veterinarian to ensure their health is at its best.

Coat Care

Extra attention is paid to the puppies coat, combing, bathing and healthy Labradoodle food is provided to ensure they shine their best.


We start each puppy off on the right foot in life by providing temperament and basic home environment training. This includes getting your future best friend use to a crate which they view as their own safe haven in this world.

Kid Tested

As a family with children your puppy has been toughly kid tested. The puppies are use to playing with and being around smaller children.

Food & Vitamins

After nursing, your puppy was given only premium quality food and vitamin supplements to start them off right growing strong, healthy and ready for their adventure to meet you!